In order to be able to effectively deal with the symptoms of urinary incontinence, ensuring a comfortable daily life, it is very important to choose the right product. The appropriate incontinence product for men is the one that offers a combination of special design based on male anatomy, maximum protection against leaks and odour and discreetness.

To choose the right urinary incontinence product, it is useful to consider 3 very important criteria:

  • The absorbency of the product. The absorbency that both the topsheet and the core offer, needs to be immediate ensuring excellent effectiveness. The core of the product you choose should hold as much urine as possible. Thus, it will provide you with comfort, protection but also discretion.
  • The effective reduction of unpleasant odour. The core of the product you choose is very important to feature a technology that can absorb odour effectively for hours.
  • The comfort offered by the product. The product is important to fit properly in most types of fabric underwear and to ensure comfort and freedom of movement. Choose a product design based on the male anatomy product with fixation points that ensure a very stable fit.

In the complete Sani Sensitive range you will find products designed especially for men, so that you can effectively deal with the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Sani Sensitive Men Absorbent protectors. The absorbent pads for men are suitable for mobile users with light to medium incontinence. They ensure excellent absorbency, while they are:

  • The only ones that offer scientifically proven odour reduction for up to 8 hours *
  • The only ones with fit front adhesive wings and 3 fixation points, for a very stable fit, in most types of men’s underwear for confidence in every move!

Sani Sensitive Men also have a core with plant fibers that come from responsibly managed forest areas, with FSC™ certification, a proof of absolute respect for the environment!

*Significant reduction of odour for up to 8 hours, scientifically proven by in-use tests conducted by the Olfasense laboratories.