It is very important tο choose the right product in order to handle the symptoms of urinary incontinence effectively and to make your daily life easy and comfortable.

The right incontinence product is the product that offers enhanced absorbency, comfort and skin friendliness. Urinary incontinence products are specially designed to effectively absorb urine – which has a different composition from blood and help protect against leakage, unpleasant odours and skin irritation. In addition, a complete incontinence product range offers you the possibility to combine different products in order to better meet your needs.

The main types of urinary incontinence products are classified according to the severity of the user’s incontinence and are as follows:

  • Light incontinence pads (Lady pads and Men pads). Suitable for mobile users with light to moderate incontinence. The pads are used like normal sanitary pads.
  • Pants (Unisex Pants, Lady Pants and Men Pants). Suitable for mobile users with moderate to heavy incontinence. Pants are disposable elastic underwear and can be used by men and women with the same level of comfort.
  • Open incontinence diapers. Suitable for heavy incontinence and often used by non-mobile users. The open diapers have special side adhesive bands that open and close for easy fit to user’s body, easy control and removal.
  • Bedpads. A useful solution to protect effectively against leakage while giving a sense of cleanliness. They have a waterproof layer on the backsheet and can be easily placed on user’s bed, wheelchair, couch or armchair.

In order to choose the most suitable urinary incontinence product for your needs, we suggest that you keep in mind 3 very important criteria:

  1. The product’s effectiveness. Search for high absorption products with a special topsheet that reduces the time urine remains in contact with user’s skin, leaving it dry and offering hygience protection without irritation. Equally important is the reduction of unpleasant odour. Sani Sensitive products feature a specially designed core that locks inside large amount of moisture and an Odour Control technology that offers proven effective odour reduction for up to 8 hours, from the specialized Olfasense Laboratory of Germany.
  2. The comfort offered by the product’s fit. Choosing the right size is a very important criteria for excellent fit to the user’s body. Sani Sensitive thanks to their Comfi-Fit technology, they ensure extra comfort and excellent body fit in every move.
  3. The skin-friendly properties of the product (Sensitive design). The skin friendly materials with which an incontinence product is designed, due to its long-hour use, allow skin to breathe and offer not only high levels of protection but also proven sensitive skincare. Sani Sensitive products have a series of Sensitive Design Proofs such as:
  • international Certification of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for the absence of harmful substances
  • an extra soft cover with cotton*
  • clinically tested with excellent results at the dermatological laboratory Dermatest (Germany)
  • aloe and vitamin E for extra skin care.

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*cotton topsheet included in Sani Lady Pads