It is very important that you choose the right product to effectively handle the symptoms of incontinence and to make your daily life easy and comfortable.

The right incontinence product is the product that offers a combination of maximum absorbency, comfort and skin friendliness. Urinary incontinence products are specially designed to effectively absorb urine – which has a different composition from blood – and to protect against leakage and undesirable odours and irritation. In addition, a complete incontinence product range offers you the possibility to combine products to best meet your needs.

The main types of urinary incontinence products are classified according to the severity of the user’s incontinence and are as follows:

  1. Light incontinence pads. Suitable for mobile users with light to moderate incontinence. The pads are used like normal sanitary pads.
  2. Pants. Suitable for mobile users with moderate to heavy incontinence. Pants are disposable elastic underwear and can be used by men and women with the same level of comfort.
  3. Open incontinence diapers. Suitable  for heavy incontinence and often non-mobile users. The open diapers have special side adhesive bands that open and close for easy fit to the user’s body, easy control and removal.

Complete incontinence product ranges, such as the Sani Sensitive range, also include complementary products that can make your daily life easier.

Bedpads. A uniquely useful solution to protect effectively against leakage. They can be used on the user’s bed, as well as on their wheelchair, couch or armchair.

Wet wipes. Specially designed for use with incontinence diapers, they offer a useful solution for daily cleaning, as they also care for irritated skin. Don’t forget that using soap and water at each change may dehydrate the user’s skin. Ask for wet wipes that contain extracts of glycerin, panthenol, aloe vera and chamomile that soothe and moisturize irritated skin.

Booster pad. This offers a practical way to increase the absorbency of the open diaper by up to 80%, while it also makes financial sense as it reduces the need to change the entire diaper during the day.

In order to choose the most suitable urinary incontinence product for you, you must also bear in mind 3 very important criteria:

  1. The product’s effectiveness. The absorbency offered by the top sheet and the core must be immediate, for the best possible results. The product’s top sheet must be made using special ultra-absorbing technology, so as to minimize the time during which urine comes into contact with the user’s skin, leaving it dry and thus helping to reduce irritation. Further, the core’s absorbency must guarantee that the largest possible quantity of urine is retained inside the core and, at the same time, trap odour with Odour-Control technology. In this way it will offer the user the best possible comfort, safety and discretion. Look for incontinence products made with certified odour minimization technology by recognized foreign laboratories, like the certification that the Sani Sensitive products have received from the specialized German Olfasense laboratory.
  2. The comfort offered by the product’s fit. When the product chosen is of the right size, it will fit the user’s body correctly and will offer his/her comfort and freedom of movement (especially in the case of mobile users), as well as protection from leakage. The materials must allow skin to breathe and prevent the feeling of sweating that makes more difficult the use at incontinence product over prolonged periods of time.
  3. The skin-friendly properties of the product (Sensitive design). It is important that the materials from which the product is made offer skin not just the best possible protection, but also sensitive care. A delicate extra cotton soft top sheet and ingredients such as aloe vera to soothe and vitamin E to moisturize the skin are elements that help the user’s epidermis during daily and prolonged use.

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