Skin friendly protection without irritation is an absolute priority for the category of incontinence underwear, due to the fact that the pads and underwear are worn for many hours every day. Sani Sensitive incontinence diapers focus on investigating the skin’s particular needs, especially in Greece, where users sweat more, due to the hotter climate and where the lifestyle sees elderly Greek people actively involved in family activities.

As a result, Sani adult diapers and incontinence products have been designed based on the Sensitive Concept, which combines maximum absorbency with delicate protection. The Sensitive Concept indisputably adds value to personal hygiene. MEGA was the first company in the world to develop this concept, in Greece, aiming to better meet the needs of sensitive skin.

All Sani incontinence products, as well as Sani Sensitive adult diapers and special use sanitary pads, have been developed in accordance with cutting-edge technology that is reflected in their design and the choice of materials. They are the result of intensive study and have been subjected to the strictest quality controls in internationally renowned laboratories abroad. The unique combination of effectiveness and kindness for the skin was designed not just to offer safety and protection, but to be as kind to skin as possible!