Mega’s strategic goal is the high quality and safety of its products combined with innovation. The passion of its people to create top quality products has led the company to invest strategically in research and development.

With a well – equipped R&D department, MEGA has implemented an extremely rigorous internal quality assurance system, while working with approved international laboratories and organizations for further strict laboratory testing on its products. Its goal is to provide consumers with products that meet needs beyond basic, ensuring friendly, safe protection, as well as maximum skin safety.

It is no coincidence that the company’s strategic focus on product safety has also been recognized internationally. In 2019 MEGA was honored by the European Commission with the “European Commission Product Safety Award”.

This top distinction reflects the company’s top and non-negotiable priority in producing a completely safe baby product: Babylino Sensitive. A product that has managed to stand out for its extremely high level of safety for infant skin, following a rigorous evaluation by a special EU jury.

Quality Assurance

For over 40 years, MEGA has been creating products of exceptionally high standards, based on a product quality control and certification system comprising the Internal QA System, which is continuously upgraded, fully automated, and computerized. Moreover, we cooperate with approved laboratories and official certification institutions specialized in products of our sector.

Internal QA System

Our Quality Assurance (QA) system consists of an integrated control system that has the ability to monitor product development at all levels of production and to fully control the performance of machinery and production units:

  • selection of suppliers
  • quality control of raw materials
  • specifications control for new materials and machinery
  • network audits for mechanical and technological equipment
  • high resolution automatic cameras on every machine that control each product at different stages of production and compare it with the ideal prototype. In case of non-conformity the product is automatically discarded
  • internal laboratory testing* of raw materials, according to EDANA / INDA methods and to international standards EN and ISO
  • internal laboratory testing* of final products
  • analysis and processing department of consumers’ messages comments and/or complaints
  • qualitative and quantitative consumer surveys in Greece and abroad
  • microbiological testing
  • final products performance testing. Our laboratory is equipped with special mannequin dolls from the internationally specialized SGS France to control absorbency and dryness on baby and incontinence products
  • panel tests (internal and external)

*Internal laboratory testing: Our in-house laboratory features state-of-the-art equipment while our experienced personnel monitors our product specifications on a daily basis and performs benchmarking with competitive products

Innovation is in our DNA

The word innovation is inherent to the DNA of MEGA, since it starts with its founders who, from the very first day, with perseverance, ingenuity and continuous research and development, turned their ideas into quality personal care products. By constantly exploring the needs of consumers to always offer them innovative products of excellent quality, we have introduced a unique proposal in personal hygiene with a view to creating the world’s first ‘Sensitive’ concept, an unquestionable value in personal hygiene worldwide. Today, through the well-equipped inhouse R & D department, our specialized team does its best every day, aiming at new innovations in our products as well as in our processes.

Product Quality & Safety

  • Product Safety is our first and undisputable priority.
  • First world-wide in the personal hygiene sector, we developed the ‘Sensitive’ concept, adding more value to the category.
  • We maintain the strictest quality standards with systematic procedures of quality control in raw material and during every stage of the production.
  • We tactically explore consumers’ needs, aiming at constant quality improvement of our products.
  • We plan new innovations, both for our products and procedures.
  • We have special know-how for the production of eco-friendly products.

In all of our activities, we operate with respect as our main principle. Respect for the needs of consumers, employees, and the environment in which they live and operate. Implementing this principle in action, we initiate a series of initiatives aiming at sustainable development, while at the same time we have developed a Total Quality Management System which ensures top quality and strict compliance with the guidelines concerning raw materials and the final product. The Total Quality Management System is based on internal and external audits of internationally recognized laboratories.

We bind our corporate principles and choices through certifications for our products, as well as the company itself, for excellent quality, unique skin friendliness, as well as for sustained and consistent levels of growth and financial stability.

At MEGA maximum consumer safety is a non-negotiable priority. Since the first day of our existence, we have been designing and developing products which combine top quality and best-in-class safety standards. From the moment an idea for a new product is born to its first design and its eventual production, our priority is to offer consumers the best quality and safest product possible.

In order to ensure the top quality of our products, we apply the strictest quality procedures during all production stages, and we are proud for our long history of producing safe products.

We claim global ownership of the ‘Sensitive Concept’ for personal hygiene product category, with the 1997 launch of the first Sensitive pads worldwide with a uniquely skin-friendly, hygienic cover made of fibers instead of perforated plastic film, as opposed to regular pads. Our innovation made MEGA’s sanitary napkins products synonymous to extra hygiene and our EveryDay brand a category leader in the Greek market.

Moreover, our ‘Sensitive’ concept was incorporated further both in baby diapers Babylino and in incontinence products Sani, further enhancing our offering of innovative products which combine not only excellent absorbency, but also certified skin-friendliness.

On a daily basis, we apply quality controls, internal laboratory controls in raw materials, microbiological tests to ensure the strict adherence to the specifications both of the packaging and products, during the stages of production and distribution.