Sani Caring Actions

In a time when the financial crisis is creating increasing social needs, with a sense of responsibility towards the community, Sani Sensitive support the elderly by offering thousands of products, in collaboration with Homes, Municipalities, and Institutions in Greece.

Below are some of the recent social initiatives targeted at the Mature Elder, signed by Sani Sensitive.

Actions of Care for the Environment

FSC™ Certification With daily actions of care, we support the maintenance of a sustainable environment for future generations! 100% Greek company MEGA, invests systematically, with sense of responsibility in actions and programs aimed at improved management of natural resources. Recognizing, therefore, that raw materials are not inexhaustible, MEGA aims to make efficient use of the […]

Sani Sensitive and AB Vassilopoulos stand by the side of senior citizens with the social program “Enter”

The Greek personal hygiene brand Sani Sensitive produced by Mega Disposables and AB Vassilopoulos support active ageing by implementing a new program specially developed for the senior citizens, named “Press Enter” in technology. This program aims to motivate and train senior people in digital era in collaboration with country’s municipalities and Open Care Centers for […]

10,000 love meals to the elderly

10,000 Meals of Love to Elderly People by MEGA, in collaboration with SKLAVENITIS supermarkets and the Mission of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens. 100% Greek company MEGA PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS SA as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, it is once again standing by the Third Age and offers a total of 10,000 loving meals […]

Theatre Workshops

The 100% Greek company MEGA PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS S.A., in the context of its Corporate Responsibility and with the signature of the Sani products, supports active ageing implementing experiential theatrical laboratories for the elderly, with the collaboration of the GALAXIAS chain of supermarkets. The laboratories took place in 5 Municipalities of Attica; more specifically, exclusively […]

Dementia Campaign

In support of the elderly, Sani Sensitive and “APOSTOLI” continue their Panhellenic dementia campaign.  Over 1,800 elderly people from around Greece took a memory test, while the campaign has already travelled in 26 Greek regions. MEGA, the 100% Greek company and the Greek Sani Sensitive personal care products are once again supporting the country’s elderly […]

10,000 Meals of Love to Elderly People from MEGA and the SKLAVENITIS supermarket chain.

10,000 Meals of Love to Elderly People from MEGA and the SKLAVENITIS supermarket chain. The 100% Greek company MEGA PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS SA in collaboration with the SKLAVENITIS Chain, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, are standing by the Third Age and offer a total of 10,000 “love meals” to our elderly companions. Specifically, […]

Music event at Technopolis

The concert with the title “TO US YOU ARE PRECIOUS”, organised by the Municipality of Athens and Sani Sensitive for the capital’s elderly on Tuesday 9 June 2016 at Technopolis was a moving affair. Over 900 elderly people sang and danced, sending a powerful message of love and optimism. The event aimed to pay back […]

Meals of love

The 100% Greek company MEGA PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS S.A. and the Sani Sensitive adult diapers care for the elderly and offered 25,000 of our poor compatriots the festive New Year’s Day meal, in support of the important social and charitable work of the NGO “Apostoli” of the Holy Archbishopric of Athens. The Director General of […]

Letter to the New Generation

Corporate Responsibility Action for the Elderly “A Letter to the Young”   The aforementioned TV advertising spot was broadcast during the campaign in 2014. The initiative “A Letter to the Young” aimed to shine the spotlight on and honour the elderly around Greece on the International Day of Older Persons (01/10), providing them with an […]