The concert with the title “TO US YOU ARE PRECIOUS”, organised by the Municipality of Athens and Sani Sensitive for the capital’s elderly on Tuesday 9 June 2016 at Technopolis was a moving affair.

Over 900 elderly people sang and danced, sending a powerful message of love and optimism. The event aimed to pay back the joy, the respect and the value of these people who raised us, at the same time sending a social message for the active role they play in our lives. The event is the continuation of a series of social initiatives taken by the Sani Sensitive adult diapers for the elderly of the Municipality of Athens.

Aside from supporting the event financially, Sani Sensitive offered, for each participation in the event, a meal of love to our poor fellow humans, in active support of the City of Athens Homeless Shelter – KYADA and proving that they are at all times ready to lend their support to the Municipality of Athens, assisting it in its important initiatives.

The Sani Sensitive products took this initiative in the context of the corporate social responsibility programme known as “Initiatives of Care” of the company MEGA PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS.

The Friendship Clubs have been operated by the Municipality of Athens since 1985 and offer their services to people over 60.  Today, there are 25 such clubs throughout the Municipality. They are social structures that offer: Companionship, human contact, entertainment, the possibility to participate in creative activities, information on medical matters, primary healthcare services.

Through caring initiatives and through its products, MEGA supports our elderly fellow humans on a daily basis.