Two carers should be available to change an incontinence diaper in people with limited mobility.

  1. Turn the patient on his/her side
  2. Place the bedpad and then the diaper on the bed
  3. Turn the patient on his/her back and then move him/her to the opposite side.
  4. Adjust the position of the incontinence diaper so that it is aligned with the centre of the pelvis and it does not crease. Having returned the patient to the supine position, close the diaper using the adhesive bands.

It is important that the urinary incontinence diaper end on the inguinal folds and not on the adductors, i.e. that it fits exactly like the underwear.

If one carer is available, the presence of a rail on the bed which the patient can use to steady him/herself can be very helpful.

Ideally, diapers should be changed 3 times every 8 hours, to prevent incontinence associated dermatitis.

Kindly contributed by Urologist – Andrologist Surgeon, Dr Charalambos P. Asvestis and the nurses Ms Anastasia Nika and Ms Glykeria Kafidou.