30% of women are affected by urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. The impact on their psychological state, their social life, and the financial burden, in general, is significant. It is equally important that they choose the right incontinence product that will give them the best results with regard to unpleasant odours and any lateral urine leakage, which, should it occur, is particularly bothersome and embarrassing.

For the perfect protection from urinary incontinence, it is particularly important that we choose the right type and size of product that fits our body shape.

A common mistake committed by women experiencing urinary incontinence is using common menstruation sanitary pads to deal with their issue.

Menstruation pads, however, are made from different materials that are a lot less absorbent.

This is because blood has a very different density from urine and, most of the time, the quantity of blood lost is a lot smaller than the quantity of urine lost in cases of urinary incontinence.

The best solution for dealing with urine leakage and the attending unpleasant odours is specially designed urinary incontinence pads. Many women ignore the existence of such special pads, the technical specifications of which are very different from those of menstruation sanitary pads.

There are other reasons why women avoid using the absorbent pads that are recommended for urinary incontinence.

They believe that, by buying incontinence pads, they are showing their age, while they see the purchase of menstruation pads as a proof of youth and normal gynaecological and hormonal function. They should remember that urinary incontinence is not something to be ashamed of, but a simple medical issue.

Why are panty liners and menstruation pads not the right product for urinary incontinence?

Most women who suffer from urinary incontinence try to deal with the issue by using common sanitary pads or pantyliners. These products are widely available and picking them up from the supermarket shelves does not cause embarrassment. While panty liners offer a distinct advantage by being thin, they are only able to absorb specific quantities of liquids. As a result, soon moisture will have you feeling uncomfortable. It is imperative that you change them often, but that can be hard to do, especially if you are out and about.

On the other hand, sanitary pads are thicker and are more absorbent, but often you will be aware of the weight of the liquid, as they are designed to absorb blood, which has a different density from urine. This means that, should you experience a sudden urine leakage, sanitary pads are unable to offer protection and absorbency.

As you can see, it is imperative that you choose the right product!

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