The release of unpleasant odours is a true concern for all users of incontinence products, be they mobile or not, and for their carers. This is the need met by the Odour Control technology of the Sani Sensitive range of care products: incontinence  pads and pants.

They are made with a new technology core that guarantees excellent absorbency and effective minimization of odours. The Odour Control technology has also been certified following studies and measurements performed by the specialized Olfasense laboratories (Germany).

As a result, Sani Sensitive care products are a dynamic response to users’ need for odour minimization: we have proof! The special Odour Control technology  guarantees the reduction of odour (mainly due to ammonia) for up to 8 hours*:  Sani Sensitive adult diapers trap odours in their core. In addition, thanks to the new Comfi-Fit elastic technology, they are even more comfortable to wear, fitting against the body perfectly and following every movement.

Sani Sensitive Incontinence Products: Hygienic protection without irritation, along with perfect fit, wherever you are!

*Significant decrease of odours for up to 8 hours, scientifically proven by in-use tests conducted by the Olfasense laboratories.