MEGA, the company that manufactures Sani Sensitive incontinence products, is a 100% Greek company that sustains the Greek economy and looks after Greek families with trusted products, designed and manufactured in Greece which cover the personal hygiene needs of the entire family.

The company’s extensive experience in personal hygiene products and its constant research into the habits, desires and evolving needs of Greek consumers formed the basis for the design of the new complete Sani Sensitive incontinence range, with incontinence diapers and special use sanitary pads (post-partum, urinary incontinence, post-surgery conditions).

With special emphasis on investigating the skin’s needs, especially in Greece, the company carries out a series of consumer surveys to ascertain, among other things, Greek consumers’ special needs due to our country’s hotter climate that renders sweating a more significant problem for users. The company also studies the particularities of the Greek way of life and habits: in Greece the elderly participate more actively in the family by taking care of their grandchildren. This is an important factor in the design of adult products, such as incontinence diapers and post-partum and urinary incontinence sanitary pads.

Always mindful of its desire to provide users with highly absorbent products that are kind to the skin, MEGA has designed a complete range of personal hygiene products based on the Sensitive Concept offering complete and skin-friendly protection without irritation. The range includes adult urine incontinence diapers and special use sanitary pads (post-partum, urinary incontinence, post-surgery conditions). The company uses materials that are gentle on the skin, with a specially designed core and top sheet, with extracts to give the skin better protection if sanitary products are used for long periods. In addition, the company’s products are certified to minimize odours and to be dermatologically compatibile. In other words, the company offers users products they can trust.

During the economic crisis, MEGA not only maintained its leading place in the sectors in which it operates but continued its investment plan, investing in new, cutting-edge technological equipment for the manufacture of products based on the highest international product quality and safety standards.

Constant investment in research and development has offered consumers new products with advanced designs that cover their needs even more adequately, significantly increasing the company’s market share in Greece and abroad.

Specifically, during 2010 – 2020, MEGA proceeded to:

  • Implementation of Investments of more than 145 million euros
  • Employee increase 160%
  • Growth rate 222%
  • 10fold export increase with presence on 4 continents
  • Expansion of privately owned facilities in Athens to a total of 62,500 sq.m.
  • MEGA, paying back the trust placed in it by consumers and fully aware of the difficulties which many Greek households are having to face, always tries to support Greek families by systematically implementing social programmes, placing emphasis on the needs of the elderly.